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About BajioGo Concierge

Whether you’re here to stay, or just for the day, BajioGo Concierge is your ticket to the very best that San Miguel de Allende has to offer. From your airport service, to your hotel reservations to all of the event, tour and workshop packages that you could dream of, BajioGo is here for you.


BajioGO Concierge is a full-service, San Miguel de Allende based Destination Management Company dedicated to creating unforgettable tours, outings, guided visits and workshops for a wide range of clients and different industries. We combine seasoned knowledge with inspiration and ingenuity, transforming the commonplace everyday to provide our clients with truly unique experiences. Our comprehensive services, insight and dedication are sure to make every outing with us memorable and truly out of the ordinary.  Contact us so we can start working together to plan your perfect San Miguel Experience. 

We are a highly efficient team of travel consultants with years of experience working hard to meet all our clients’ needs and preferences. We have built a vast and reliable car fleet and strong business alliances to provide: Day Tours, Hotel and Meal Packages, Events, and Customized Tours.


At BajioGo, we believe in maintaining long-term relationships with all of our clients. We will go the extra mile to make sure all the trips we plan and book are absolutely flawless. Are you ready to get going on your next vacation?